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DIY Storage

DIY Removals save you money when relocating home or office

Are you looking to relocate home or office but don’t want the extra expense and time constraints of a removal company? If so, DIY removals are the solution.

Let us take the stress out of your move by allowing you to pack and unload at your leisure. Why take time off work if you don’t have to? You’ll have access to the container 24 hours a day meaning you can pack whatever you need, whenever you need to.

You can pack and unload room by room so you remain organised and relaxed throughout the whole process.

What is a DIY removal?

You wrap it & pack it – we’ll store it or deliver it

Quite simply, we drop one of our storage containers to you, you pack and wrap your belongings, you fill the container and we come and pick the container up. We are able to store the container at one of our local sites until you are ready for it or drop the container to a final location of your choice.

Our containers are generally the size of a car or small van so will easily fit on a standard drive.

Why use DIY Removals?

Relocating can be one of the most stressful things you can do. DIY removals aim to take the stress out of relocating by providing a flexible, at-your-own-pace service. Unlike other removal companies who take your belongings to your new address that same day, we allow you 14 days free of charge storage for you to pack up your belongings, load the container and then to unload the container at its destination.

Haven’t managed to unload everything in those 14 days? No problem.

You can continue to rent the container on a weekly basis until you are ready to go.

Not everyone has a new property to move straight in to and if that’s the case for you, we can store your contents inside the container that you are allocated at one of our local sites. No one will enter the container once you have stored it. You can rest assured knowing your contents are safe and secure until you are ready for them.

We also allow you to visit our site to collect any of the contents from the container that you may need. We charge a small fee of £25 per visit for this service.

If you’re ready to receive your contents at your new address straight away, we can pick them up for you from point A and take them straight to point B the same day.

We understand that some people need flexibility, as things don’t always run to plan. When we drop the filled container off to you, we give you the remainder of the 14 days free storage period to unload the contents. Unlike trying to move everything in a day and unloading a van into the small hours, we want you to be able to reduce the stress of moving and unload in your own time leaving you to enjoy your new home. If you need longer than 7 days not to worry, you can rent the container from us on a weekly basis until you are unpacked.

Will my belongings be safe?

We take pride in offering safe and secure containers to all of our customers, whether you’re renting a container from us to use as self-storage, buying a new container from us or using our DIY removal service.

The locks we provide are anti-theft, so you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are securely stored.

And for even further protection, we paint all of our containers with our grafo-therm paint (anti condensation paint). This prevents condensation inside the container so the contents remain dry in all weather conditions.

All of our yards have 24-hour CCTV and either have electric or padlocked gates.

What size containers can we provide?

Here at DIY Removals, we have containers ranging from 8ft x 7ft all the way up to 20ft x 8ft. So whether you’re moving out of a one bedroom flat or moving an entire office, we have the right size for you.

Container Size

6.9ft x 13.1ft
  • Suitable for
  • Studio and One bedroom apartments

Container Size

20ft x 8ft
  • Suitable for
  • Suitable for a 2-3 bedroom house move
    or a small office

The Small Print.

Here at DIY Removals, we don’t believe in small print. We like to ensure we are completely transparent with our customers so they know what they can expect.

  • We require you to complete a hire form and provide proof of ID to use our services.
  • You are charged for the container to be dropped off to your location, any storage required above and beyond 14 days and delivery to your final destination. Costs depend on what size container you require and where you are located.
  • You have a total of 14 days free of charge for you to use as you wish. We use 7 days to pack and 7 days to unload as an example but if it takes you 2 days to pack and 12 days to unload, this would be covered by the 14 days free of charge. How you choose to split these days is entirely up to you.
  • We provide anti-theft locks with our containers to ensure your goods are kept safe. We charge a £30 refundable deposit for this.
  • Pick-up’s and drop-off’s can be arranged 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) throughout the UK.
  • Packing and wrapping goods, as well as loading them into the container is the customers responsibility. We advise that you pack your goods well and load your goods carefully into the container to ensure goods are not damaged in transit. We cannot be held responsible for any damaged items.
  • If you require the container to be kept on a public highway, you will require a permit. For information regarding this, please contact our office.
  • Weight restrictions will apply. These will vary on container size and how close our vehicle can park to the container due to crane reach. This will be discussed with you before delivery and upon delivery of the container as only then we will be able to determine the required reach of the crane.
  • We don’t provide boxes or wrapping equipment but we can recommend companies who do. Please ask one of our staff members and they will be happy to help.
  • Insurance can be arranged if required


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